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If you or anyone you know has been involved in an auto accident, know your rights!  Steps to take:

  1. Call the police and get a police report filed! Wait for the police to arrive.
  2. Get the name, phone number, license plate number, driver’s license number, and insurance information from the other driver. You can take a picture of their driver’s license and insurance.
  3. Take pictures of all the vehicles at the scene of the accident.
  4. Get medical treatment for any injuries. Most injuries surface the day after the accident with soreness, pain, foggy mind, etc.
  5. Call your attorneys at Sharma & Associates, P.C. at 281-893- 8644 to get the most you deserve!

All insurance companies do what they do best, pay the least amount that is unjustifiable in any accident. Our job at Sharma & Associates is to fight insurance companies in order to get the best compensation you deserve for your damages, including past and future damages, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc. We handle each case individually and personally. We prove our cases true value instead of relying on the value an insurance company beats the case down to. We evaluate all cases and explore all options for our clients to seek the highest compensation. We have won many cases where the insurance company originally denied full liability and then, made a 100% turnaround awarding policy limits, when they would not otherwise. We handle all types of accidents, minor and major auto accidents, slip and falls, work-related injuries without workers’ compensation, nursing home injuries, wrongful death, dog bites, truck, or commercial vehicle accidents. We offer free consultations and do not get paid, unless you do. So, give us a call for you or someone you know! We are here to help and offer the personal attention and care no other firm can offer. Thank you from the Attorneys at Sharma & Associates, P.C.